hunter {graduate}

Sweet Hunter and I ran away to the Santa Monica mountains to capture this time in her life — this time before graduating college. It seems like the only questions people ask you when you’re graduating college are, “what are you doing after graduation?” “do you have a job?” “what do you want to do with your life?”

Those questions are all fine and dandy but what about asking, “how are you feeling about graduating?” “what’s on your bucket list to do before you graduate?” “what will you miss most about college?”

I think it’s such a special time, the last month before leaving home. Because after four years in a city away from your childhood house, college really becomes home. It’s a time to soak it all in, to go watch the sunset every day, to *try* to learn to surf, to choose friends over homework, to reminisce on the last four years and be sappy and cry and laugh and cry some more.

So, dear graduates. It’s OK to feel scared/happy/sad/everything. You’ve accomplished so much. Time to revel in your acheivements, because you deserve it.

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