Fears are those things that are easy to think about but hard to write down.

It’s easier to let them envelop you, embrace you, wrap you up in their arms. It feels like a warm embrace at first, surrendering yourself to your fears. But soon after, that cradling starts to feel less like a cuddle, and more like a clench. Pretty soon you realize you’ve let fears take all your strength and you can’t image ever getting out of their grasp.

But you will.

See, those arms and ligaments holding you down are all in your head. They’re characters of your imagination. You are a creative being, it’s only natural that there is a cast constantly performing in your mind. You are the type of person that envisions an entire evening before ever leaving the house. You visualize everything from your next trip to the grocery store to your next decade. It’s easy for you. If there’s a missing piece to your vision, you fill it in with a new character or two. You are the star. The protagonist. Yet sometimes you let your fears steal the show.

My fears:

  • I Will Be Found Out.
  • I Am Not As Talented As They Think I Am.
  • I Will Disappoint Those Who Believe In Me.
  • I Am Ordinary.
  • I Will Be Forgotten.

Seem familiar? Even as I write this I can hear the fears whispering, “No one feels this way. You are the only one.” I’m choosing to believe that’s not true. I’m choosing to look my fears in the eye and retort, “You be quiet.” I’m choosing to put my trust in God that I am not ordinary. I am a child of His. Everything He makes is extraordinary.

There is no “cure” for your fears; it’s a daily battle to push them away. So I don’t believe this is the last post I’ll have on fears. In fact, I believe this is the first of many. For now, I’ll leave you with this:

When you begin to feel the familiar grasp of your fears, push them away. You are strong. You are capable. You are talented. You are extraordinary.


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