chelsea + ben {engaged}

They’re those kind of people you click with instantly. Case in point: Ben jumping out of their car upon first meeting me and yelling, “MAAALLORYYY” across Mulholland Hwy. Those people who are kind, inclusive, humble, and compassionate. You feel like old friends instantly. Those people are Chelsea and Ben.

Back during my freshman year of college, Chelsea (then a senior) was the editor of our school’s magazine. And I was a staff photographer. I was terrrrified of her… yet she was the sweetest person. I was just so impressed by her and looked up to her A LOT. Fast forward two years and I get an inbox from her on my website. Said she had seen my photos of one of her friends and wanted to know of I would shoot her wedding. Without even double checking the date I said yes. Fast forward again another year and we finally get together to do her and Ben’s engagement shoot. The best part about this shoot was that it gave us a chance to get to know each other before the wedding day. This was absolutely crucial, and I’m so excited to blog that insanely beautiful wedding. Until then, here are the stunning Chelsea and Ben.

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